Why set up an insect hotel?

Whether they are pollinating insects, predators or even parasites, many insects help to combat “invasive species” in a natural way and boost biodiversity in your garden.

To attract these insects, you can set up refuges in your garden to help protect them from bad weather and predators. In summer, some species will use them as nesting places to lay their eggs.
With the Graines de Découvertes insect hotel you can give a home to solitary bees and wasps, lacewings or earwigs and watch them in their new habitat!
In return, the insects will be your “soldiers”, defending your garden from attacks on plants, flowers and vegetables from invasive insects.
Lacewings and earwigs will be happy to eat up the aphids invading your vegetable garden!
Solitary bees and wasps will cheerfully pollinate flowers and fruit trees.