Bird Refuge - Cork bird table kit

This well-designed and ecological cork nesting box is very useful for the small birds nesting in your garden.

It is made from natural materials such as 100% recycled cork and pine wood.

The cork nesting box is easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions on the packaging and fit together the 3 cork parts, keeping them together with the pine wood stick. And Bob’s your uncle! Children (aged 6 and over) can put together the nesting box.

Once it’s ready, you just need to fix the cork nesting box to a tree trunk or a wall. Choose a quiet spot, sheltered from prevailing winds and bad weather and 2 metres (about 6 feet) off the ground to keep it out of reach of predators.  

When you put the cork nesting box in your garden, you are helping to protect small, cavernicolous bird species (ones that live in cavities), such as blue tits and sparrows.

You can also enjoy the wonderful sight of fledglings hatching out and being fed!


The Bird Refuge comes with:

3 cork parts to be fitted together to make the nesting box

– a pine wood stick to keep the 3 pieces of cork together and where the birds can sit in front of the nesting box opening.

The diameter of the nesting box opening is designed for nesting tits (blue tits, marsh tits, coal tits, crested tits and great tits), sparrows and nuthatches. To find out more about these birds, see the World of Birds section.


It is easy to put together the cork nesting box. Just follow the instructions on the packaging.

The nesting box can be made by children aged 6 and over.

Instructions for use

The 100% recycled cork is a natural material and must be handled with care. Never fold the cork but bend it gently.

Don’t keep the Bird Refuge in a place that is very dry.

When the birds have left the nest, clean the nesting box to prevent the spread of disease.

Why set up a nesting box?

Do you want to watch birds and help protect them? There are plenty of good ideas to be combined!

First of all, feed the birds by setting up bird feeders like the Bird Table, the Bird Feast or the Bird Counter.

You can also put out water for them to drink and bathe.

And lastly, set up a nesting box! Many bird species have a real need for artificial nests because their natural habitats are gradually disappearing: hedges and trees are increasingly rare and the façades of new buildings seldom have cavities. The Bird Refuge is also a way to keep birds safe from attacks by predators. Setting up this cork nesting box is a concrete gesture to help protect bird populations. It will also be a real source of wonder in your garden or on your balcony!

How and where to set up your nesting box?

Take the time to choose the right place to set up your cork nesting box. 

It should be in a quiet place, if possible well away from roads or busy pathways. The spot should be sheltered from bad weather and prevailing winds, and if possible facing east or south-east so that is not continually exposed to sunshine or shade.

It is important to set up the cork nesting box out of reach of predators (cats, squirrels, etc.), ideally two metres (about six feet) from the ground.

Fix the nesting box against a wall or a tree trunk. The nesting box should be securely fixed. If you hang it from a tree, make sure the entrance of the nest won’t be blocked by leaves.

From time to time, check that your cork nesting box is still securely fixed to the tree or wall!