Bird Table - Bird feeder kit

This ecological and attractive bird feeder is designed to feed all garden birds.

It is made from natural and ecological materials: 100% recycled cork bark, pine wood and a hemp cord.

The bird feeder has plenty of openings so that birds can come and go in safety. Birds can land on the wooden sticks on either side and then peck their food.

This ecological bird feeder comes with 5 elements to be assembled. It only takes a few minutes to set up the bird table and can be done by children aged 6 and over.  

Once it is assembled, place the ecological bird feeder 2 metres (about 6 feet) above the ground to keep it out of reach of predators, particularly cats.

Birds must be fed especially in winter, from October to mid-March. Feed the birds regularly and in reasonable quantities.  

For nutritious and high-quality bird food, see the Gasco range for garden birds.


Our Bird Table bird feeder comes with:

3 pieces made of cork bark to make the bird feeder.

2 pine wood sticks where the birds can sit either side of the bird

a hemp cord to hang up the bird feeder from a tree or a hedge.


It is very easy to make the bird feeder. The 5 steps are shown on the packaging. Just fix the 3 cork parts together. Make sure you don’t fold the cork but bend it gently to avoid breaking it.

The two pine wood sticks are inserted in the holes on either side. The cord is placed in the two holes at the top and is used to hang up the bird table.

Hang up the bird feeder in the garden or on a balcony at a height of at least 2 metres (about 6 feet), out of reach of predators. To protect the food, place the bird feeder out of the wind and rain.  

Instructions for use

Cork is a natural material that needs to be handled with care: don’t fold it, but bend it carefully.

Keep the Bird Table in a dry place.

Regularly clean the bird feeder to avoid spreading disease.

Why set up a bird feeder?

In winter birds lack food. There are fewer berries, insect larvae and seeds; snow and frost make it even more difficult to find them. Birds spend almost the whole day looking for food to help them resist the cold, using up a lot of energy in the process. When you set up a bird feeder, you are giving them a helping hand. You can also watch the birds on the bird feeder and learn to recognise them and help protect them.

You should preferably set up your bird feeder near a hedge or bush so that the birds can peck at their seeds and then take refuge in case of danger.

Cutting off the birds’ food supply may have serious consequences. As winter continues, the more birds need to find something to eat. It is important not to suddenly stop feeding them.

Why is the bird feeder ecologically friendly?

First of all, it helps preserve bird populations that have more and more trouble finding food in winter. When you set up a bird feeder and you feed the birds during this period, you are helping to protect the species.

But that is not all! Unlike some bird feeders made of plastic or with a synthetic coating or paint, the Graines de Découvertes bird feeder is made of recycled cork, a natural, non-treated material. Cork is a soft material, so birds can come and go on the bird feeder without hurting themselves.