Bird Forum - Seed distributor kit

This well-designed and ecological seed distributor is a great way to feed garden birds. It has openings on both sides of the bird feeder so that several birds can feed at the same time.

The seed distributor comes in a kit with 11 pieces and is a chance to have fun with the children (aged 6 and over). They will love putting the bird feeder together and feeding the birds..

This attractive seed distributor is made of 100% recycled cork, pine wood (sticks) and hemp (cord). 

The seed distributor for birds can be hung up from a tree or a wall, 2 metres (about 6 feet) off the ground to keep it out of the way of predators, such as cats.

Feed the birds regularly and especially in winter.


This is attractively designed seed distributor. The Bird Forum comes with:

6 pieces made of 100% recycled cork,

5 pine wood sticks where the birds can sit and feed easily,

– a hemp cord to hang up the distributor on a branch, for example.


To put together the seed distributor, you just need to fit together the 6 cork parts to make the bird feeder by gently bending the cork (do not fold). Then slide the 5 pine wood sticks into the sides and below the distributor.

Hang up the seed distributor using the help cord, 2 metres (about 6 feet) above the ground, out of reach of predators, the rain and wind, so that the birds can feed in peace and quiet. 

Instructions for use

Handle the cork with care. It is a natural material. Bend it carefully into place and don’t fold it.

Don’t keep the seed distributor in a place that is very dry.

Regularly clean the seed distributor to prevent disease from spreading.

Bird feeder, bird bath or nesting box?

It is a good idea to feed birds mainly in winter, from about October to mid-March. Their food sources decrease at this time and sometimes there is snow and ice.

Don’t suddenly stop feeding them, especially in cold weather, since the birds will have got used to coming to your garden and will have trouble finding a new source of food elsewhere.

To protect the birds, give them water as well as food. Seed-eating birds without enough water cannot get the most out of their food! Regularly change the water in the birdbath.

You can set up nesting boxes and sources of water near each other: the birds are ideal targets for their predators when they are bathing, since they are more vulnerable then. They must be able to take refuge quickly.

See our Graines de Découverte cork nesting boxes: the Bird Cabin and the Bird Refuge.

What seeds should you give to birds?

Wild birds need food that is rich in carbohydrates and fat to help them withstand the cold winter nights. Sunflower seeds are a favourite with many species, especially blue tits, goldfinches, greenfinches, nuthatches, chaffinches, bramblings, siskins or great spotted woodpeckers.

Other seed varieties are enjoyed by other birds. There are mixtures of cereals adapted to birds and specially designed to meet their food needs in a way that is both nutritious and tasty.   

In seed mixtures, garden birds can eat the seeds they find in a natural state in the countryside.

See the Gasco cereal mixtures. Essentiel ou Gourmet: these mixtures have the GM-free and Excellence Gers labels. They are made in France.