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Graines de Découvertesecological cork nesting boxes and bird feeders

Graines de Découvertes makes nesting boxes and bird feeders from natural cork. Our aim is to guarantee ecologically designed products helping to protect the biodiversity in your garden and to manage the different animals populations living there.

Just like bees, these animals play a vital role in biodiversity and need our help to protect them. Our gardens can be real havens of peace for them.

You can enjoy watching them, and sometimes they even help us to fight invasive insects naturally and to protect our plants. One good turn deserves another!

About us

Our eco-designedproducts

We prefer to use cork and natural materials, and to limit the quantities to be transported.

Designed for animals

User-friendliness and comfort are the focus of our designs.

Acting to protect biodiversity

Helping you get to know and protect the ecosystem in your garden.

Helping you be anexpert in your garden

Giving you support in fostering a balanced presence of birds and insects in all seasons

Did you know?

Everything you need to know about the world of insects, birds and the seed varieties they prefer.

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How to make food

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